Candela Notte.
Candela Notte con Confezione Regalo.
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Night Candle

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Night Candle

A fragrant thought for you or as a gift idea!

When the sun sets on the horizon on the last day of the year, light this candle and let its fragrance create a magical atmosphere.

This New Year's Eve, get ready to make a special wish. Let your heart be filled with hope for the new year that is about to begin.

As you light this candle, make a wish. When the candle burns completely, your wish will rise to the sky and the future will be ready to surprise you.


  • 50 ml handcrafted ceramic scented candles 
  • Made in Faenza, which is famous all over the world for the art of ceramics
  • Dimensions: Ø 5cm; H 3cm 
  • Material: 100% High Quality Italian Ceramic
  • Dishwasher-safe ceramic
  • Soy wax, to ensure a clean and constant burn
  • Natural fiber wick for optimal combustion
  • High quality fragrances, vegan and non-toxic for us and for the environment

    Discover the Night Candle and its Fragrance: "Starry Night"

    This fragrance captures the magical and suggestive atmosphere of a clear night, illuminated by a myriad of sparkling stars in the sky.

    The top notes open with a warm and enveloping sweetness, giving sensations of serenity and relaxation, which recall the tranquility of an evening under the stars.

    The heart notes reveal the intense and mysterious character of the aroma, adding depth and complexity, giving a sense of wonder and contemplation.

    The base notes can have woody and resinous nuances, which give majesty, paying homage to the mysterious beauty of the stars.

    In summary, this fragrance is a hymn to the enchanting magic of a starry night.

    It is an ideal choice for those looking for a relaxing, elegant and romantic aroma that invites you to dream and let your imagination run wild.


    -Make sure the wick is about 5mm long before lighting the candle
    -Let the entire surface layer of wax melt before turning it off, so as not to create the central hole
    - Remove the burnt part of the wick before lighting it again


    - Always supervise the candle when it is lit
    - Do not touch or move the container of the candle when it is lit, you could burn yourself
    - Do not keep the burning candle near flammable objects
    - Keep the burning candle away from children and animals
    - Place lighted candles on heat resistant surfaces