Welcome to the page dedicated to our Handmade Ceramic Favors from Faenza, where art and elegance come together to give life to unique, refined and design pieces!

Whether you're looking for wedding favors, baby showers, graduations, or other special events, you'll find a variety of options here that capture the essence of any special event, making them the perfect gift for you and your guests.

The characteristics of our favors and why choose them:

- Craftsmanship: Each wedding favor is the result of the work of the skilled craftsmen of Faenza, a city famous throughout the world for the art of ceramics, who dedicate time and attention to detail, putting their heart into each creation.

- Versatility: Our designs are designed to enrich any special occasion, conveying elegance, sophistication and originality.

- Personalized Design: All wedding favors can be customized, perfect to fit every theme and style of your event.

- Materials of Excellence: We only use high quality Italian ceramic, prized for its beauty and resistance, to create wedding favors that can keep your memories and special moments over time.


Candle holder italian ceramics Faenza

Take a look at the Favors and discover how these creations can add a touch of charm and distinctive style to your celebrations.

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We would be thrilled to help you create the gifts that will cherish precious memories of your special moments.

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