Candela Profumata Cuore.
Candela Profumata Cuore con Confezione Regalo.
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Heart Candle

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Scented Heart Candle

  • 50 ml handcrafted ceramic scented candle
  • Made in Faenza, which is famous all over the world for the art of ceramics
  • Dimensions: Ø 5cm; H 3cm 
  • Material: 100% High Quality Italian Ceramic
  • Dishwasher-safe ceramic
  • Soy wax, to ensure a clean and constant burn
  • Natural fiber wick for optimal combustion
  • High quality fragrances, vegan and non-toxic for us and for the environment

  • Discover the Heart Candle and its Fragrance: "Enchanted Awakening"

    This fragrance is a delicate and refined olfactory experience that captures floral beauty.

    The top notes offer a welcoming sensation of freshness, with light and luminous nuances that recall the morning dew, helping to create a feeling of lightness and joy.

    The heart notes reveal the very heart of the fragrance, like a floral bouquet that gradually opens and expands, with soft but intense tones, with shades of rose, white flowers and a velvety sweetness that recalls the delicacy of the petals.

    The base notes can have hints of wood and musk, which give stability and depth to the aroma, balancing the lightness of the top and heart notes.

    In summary, this fragrance embodies the elegance and sweetness of blossoming flowers, giving a sense of grace and femininity.

    It is an ideal choice for those seeking an elegant and romantic aroma that conveys the grace and beauty of nature in full bloom.


    -Make sure the wick is about 5mm long before lighting the candle
    -Let the entire surface layer of wax melt before turning it off, so as not to create the central hole
    - Remove the burnt part of the wick before lighting it again


    - Always supervise the candle when it is lit
    - Do not touch or move the container of the candle when it is lit, you could burn yourself
    - Do not keep the burning candle near flammable objects
    - Keep the burning candle away from children and animals
    - Place lighted candles on heat resistant surfaces