Quality and Food Safety

Our ceramics are MOCA certified products and therefore respect:

 - Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004 of the European Parliament of the Council of 27/10/2004, which guarantees food safety by excluding the possibility that materials can transfer substances that are a health hazard and / or compromise the composition, odor and the taste of the food itself.

- Regulation (EC) no. 2023/2006 of the Commission of 22/12/2006, which guarantees constant compliance with good manufacturing practices or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) throughout the production process.

- the Directive 2005/31 / EC of the Commission of 29/04/2005 which modifies the Directive 84/500 / EEC of the Council of 15/10/1984 which guarantees the conformity of materials and objects with the regulations in force.