Harry Potter Spells: How to Prepare for a Magical New Year at Hogwarts

Summer is coming to an end and the excitement of returning to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is already in the air.

While you finish packing your chest and sharpen your wand, it's time to refresh your magical memory with a review of the spells that await you in the castle's enchanted halls and corridors.

Harry Potter Spells: the most important ones you will learn at Hogwarts

Wingardium Leviosa

This spell is part of the levitation spells and is one of the first you will be taught if you go to the first year. It will allow you to lift light objects into the air, opening up a wide range of creative possibilities.

A little tip: Pay attention to the movement of the wrist and the pronunciation, otherwise you will gouge out someone's eye! Don't forget the pronunciation, it's Leviòsa not Leviosaaa... there's even a mug to help you remember it!

Leviosa Mug


This is an unlocking spell that is useful for opening doors and drawers. It's relatively simple, but it won't work on enchanted locks. Use it with common sense, otherwise you will get into trouble.

Lumos - Nox

For the "Lumos" spell, you just need to wave your wand and say the word, to create a small ball of light at the tip of your wand, which will help you illuminate your surroundings. Same thing for the "Nox" spell, wave the wand and say the word, to make the light disappear.

But remember, these lighting spells are essential for everyday life situations, not for wandering the castle corridors at night without permission!

If you don't want to take any risks and save some magical energy, these candles are for you.

Harry Potter Lumos Candle Lumos Candle

Pietrificus totalus

With this spell you will completely immobilize the opponent, making him stiff and unable to move. However, it will not affect his ability to hear and see his surroundings. Exercise it responsibly as a means of defense or to stop someone when necessary.


This appeal spell is used to recall a specific object towards you, just say "Accio" followed by the name of the desired object. The spell works even if the object is hidden or out of your field of vision. It will be extremely useful, for example, if you are late in the morning, pronouncing a nice "Accio Tea" or "Accio Coffee", you can enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee before running to class.

Accio Tea Mug Accio Coffee Mug


With this spell you will disarm your opponent, making the wand or any other object he holds fly away from his hand. By resolutely saying the word "Expelliarmus", you will unleash a powerful magical discharge, which can range from a bright flash to a shimmering wave, directed towards the target. It is a wise choice to resolve conflicts without causing serious damage.


This transfiguration spell, part of the Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons, will help you face your fears and the creatures you fear the most, transforming them into ridiculous and comical forms, defeating them with a laugh.

If in the next lessons, you enter the classroom and find yourself in front of a boggart, you will already know what to do.

Expecto Patronum

It is one of the most powerful spells against the darkness and terror that threatens to dim the light. With this spell, you will summon a luminous creature, called a "Patronus", which will take the form of an animal, according to your nature and your spirit. This creature represents positivity, hope and your inner strength. However, evoking a Patronus is not an easy undertaking, it requires great mastery of one's emotions and it is essential to dig through one's memories, to bring out what makes you happiest.

Reminder: While you are practicing this spell, stock up on chocolate, it will help!

Spells, Adventures and Friendships for a New Magical Year

With this quick review of some of the spells you'll learn or practice at Hogwarts, you'll already be ready enough to face a magical new year, full of adventures and lots of magic.

But remember that Hogwarts is not just a school of witchcraft and wizardry where you will learn the art of magic, it is also a place of friendship, where stories are shared, laughter and bonds are formed that will last a lifetime.

So, may this new year be full of spells, adventures and unforgettable friendships!


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